Traditional woodcarving from Konjic was inscribed by UNESCO in 2017. to the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. By using our products You are contributing to preserving traditional expertise and reviving heritage.

The art of Konjic woodcarving is one of the most traditional crafts that is still going strong and thriving today. The hand-carved wooden craftworks include hand-carved wooden furniture and other aspects of interior design and ornamental elements. The transmission of this artistic skill has been handed down from one generation to the next since the nineteenth century, but the tradition stretches back far further in time.
Peskuni, or backless stools with hexagonal bases, tables created in the same design, sofas, and couches with intricately carved backs, bookcases, and displays, are beautiful examples of furniture in Bosnia and Herzegovina and beyond. Incredibly, the carving method has remained unchanged over the years. Many residents of the small village of Konjic are often involved in woodcarving as a hobby.

The craft of woodcarving may be an old one. Still, the artisans from Konjic have found a way to successfully combine traditional methods with contemporary design, taking the art to a whole new level. Since a couple of years ago, the demand for this craftsmanship, part of Bosnia's intangible cultural heritage, has skyrocketed, and products made using it have been shipped to every continent. As a result of this endeavor, the tradition of Konjic woodcarving will continue to flourish and endure.